Company Energy Saving and Telecomunications

Miro 'Sistemi brings together a staff of people who 20 years was responsible for Technology Innovation.

We specialize in the analysis of costs and possible savings of electricity that is Telecommunication.

We can reduce waste by using energy-saving technologies and processes developed and designed specifically both in the industrial, hotel, hospitals, GDO.

Even in Telecommunications System we use a process that does not take into account only the cost but also the best performances to be dedicated to the web services for our customers.

MIRO 'SISTEMI use as a product for the proposed Energy Saving Solutions ICOPOWER, as regards connectivity and telephone lines uses EpicLink.


First it must provide the last twelve months' in photocopying or scanning the whole bill as well as a valid business profile.

The single potential customer is interesting since the 50.000,00 EUR / year costs up. Customers that have lower costs, may be interesting, but only if they are part of sites in a group (it is: Banks, supermarkets, dealers, etc) could come down, in which case the limit to 20.000,00 € energy / year costs, otherwise it is necessary to discuss openly with the client how to split the costs.

All companies are interesting, a little 'less are those with a prevalence of refrigeration systems (storage of products dedicated to cold) and they are not interesting the CED.

A delivery note for deposit only dell'apparecchiature during the audit phase, no charge for this

To date, no case happened! It could happen, and it may be due to parameters already perfect (phases balanced, stable voltages to 380V, cosFi a 0,95); It is practically a utopia which in any case can occur.

Currently 60 gg. But in the future it will be reduced for internal planning reasons.

Generally within not more than 60 gg (usually in 30 gg everything is completed)

It depends on the type of customer, by the number of machines and interventions proposed for the attainment of the objective. Generally a day up to a maximum of three.

Yes is, in addition to training, It is provided with a user manual. The monitoring takes place in visual way to tell if the apparatus is active (LED green / red) and through a dedicated counter to read the efficiency in progress. E 'can install a remote monitoring system as an additional service for a fee.

The customer can withdraw from the contract during the first year. If he wanted to do so must be welded all prepared in advance and monthly fees proposed for the operating lease because the asset share operation is terminated early.

At the commissioning of the plant, or at the end of the installation and to the simultaneous testing of the system.

Physically, twice a year as a maintenance activity (included in the rental rate and therefore no additional cost to any circumstances). They also need to be collected monthly by the customer's electricity bills received post efficiency.

Generally it intervenes in 48h (even less) and in any case the customer will never have energy inefficiencies as the apparatuses are all equipped with automatic by-pass system.

As indicated in point 12, the customer is given a user manual provided by the EC regulations

Upon installation are communicated: two cell, a fixed and an email.